Feel The Victory

by Jill Joines Christensen

When writing a narrative article for WomenHunters, think back. Narratives are you "narrating" your own story. So walk in your boots again. Think what made the hunt you are describing unique--feel the woods, the weapon in your hand, smell the trees just as if you were there right now--feel the victory!

    Remember the doe’s expression before she hid an eye behind a sapling, thinking you could not see her, but leaving her kill zone exposed?
    Remember forgetting your safety harness before you cut the limbs that were in the way of your climb, realizing as you regrouped that you were looking at a buck who was staring back at you, and whom you killed with a perfect shot the next day?
    Remember the last time you squeezed as the target blurred, let the shot surprise you, and learned afterward that you not killed one gobbler, but two?
    Remember the peacock that strutted in front of your stand, spooking the buck that then decided to come in anyway? the squeal of a piglet and the thundering of heavy hooves when you bust a sounder out of a swamp? the thunk of your arrow in your quarry?
    Remember your close calls in the last archery competition? The sportsmanship of your competitors? The wind flipping your target up just as you shot? And your ultimate win?
    Remember the swamp water coming over your rubber boots, your decision to invest in waders at last, and your heart jumping as your massive quarry exploded from the marsh grasses, watching his antlers rise and disappear as he leaped from hillock to hillock? Do you remember what you considered as
    you planned your strategy, and ultimately outsmarted him?

Many of our best stories are in our hunting past, but if they are really great stories, they need telling. For example, what is the cleverest thing you have done that resulted in harvesting game? The luckiest? What buck took the longest to beat? Which required the most grueling effort?

Let’s inspire our readers. Let's tell them why we hunt by sharing our victories!