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Skull Hooker


Skull Hooker's Little Hooker Mounting Bracket  janice-baer2

A great affordable way to display your European mount is with the Skull Hooker mounting bracket.


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Buck Cage Scent Dispenser


NJ-Thumbnail Scent dispensers – Yup there’s tons of them in all shapes, sizes and prices. Good gravy if you pull them up on Amazon you get 100 results.  Well, the one I really like is:
Buck Cage – The Original Polymer Bead Scent Dispenser

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McKenzie Scent Fan Duffle

By Janice Baer

Field Staff Coordinator




The McKenzie Scent Fan Duffle Bag is the latest new item in my hunting arsenal.


Here is a great product that will keep all your hunting clothes and paraphernalia clean, scent and odor free.


While driving to my hunt destination, I have the duffle bag plugged into my AC/DC outlet so the fan in the duffle bag is on and working. Then, when I'm out hunting, I keep it in my truck and use it on those expeditions when I have to stop back to my vehicle in the early afternoon for lunch or any other reason.


It is so roomy, I always put my backpack, safety harness, boots and any other items of clothing I may shed, but want to keep scent free into the duffle bag. Why? It has a motorized fan that when plugged into my AC/DC outlet with an earth scented wafer in the pocket next to the fan, it will quickly spread that earthy scent to all the contents in the bag. This is great when your sweaty shirt is stinking but you want to wear it again when you head back out. I have used it early in October when the temps were in the 80's and I needed to still smell like "dirt" and not like a human.

I was able to take two deer in those temps, without alerting any of them to my presence. All because this duffel bag helped me stay smelling like fresh earth.



Jan smelled like fresh earth and harvested this doe



I also use the duffel bag inside the house. I just plug it into a wall outlet and let the fan run all night or day, continuously spreading the scent of whatever wafer I chose to use. (One could add cedar, pine, acorn, or what-ever your surroundings may warrant.)


I've always kept my hunting clothes in sealed containers with scent wafers, and still do, but having the duffel with fan really expedites the desired scent I want while taking away the smell I don't want while out in the field. I would definitely recommend this product to any one!

It would be great to use while going to the gym too!





Fan in duffle pocket

Specs for the Scent Fan Duffle Bag are as follows:

The McKenzie Scent Fan Duffle Bag is the only bag on the market that uses a fan powered ventilation system to add desired cover scent to your hunting clothes and equipment. Place clothing, boots, etc. in the bag. Add desired cover scent to vent end of bag. Turn fan on. Desired cover scent is filtered through the contents of the bag.


After hunting, reload clothing and plug fan in (AC) or (DC) outlet and the scent continues to filter through contents.
It's hunting made simple.


For more information, please check out:


mckscentThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


McKenzie Scent Fan Duffle Bag

by Janice Baer

Field Staff Coordinator, Staff Writer, Minnesota

With the help of this bag in covering my scent, I took two deer in 80-degree weather.

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Prints on Canvas

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Side of Canvas with Photo

Review: Prints on Canvas

by Kathleen Kalina

President, Womenhunters

Easycanvasprints.com can preserve and beautify your best photos.  There are only a few steps.

First, I uploaded my photo, and then I positioned it like I wanted it to appear on the canvas. I chose a solid black border so I don't need a frame--I can hang the canvas as is. I paid $80 for a 16" x 20" canvas, but there are many other size/price combinations available. Afterward, I received email confirmation of my order. In a few days, my picture arrived, looking like a painting on canvas, ready to hang on my wall.

Back of canvasOptions  

There are several free and fee-based design options.  Free options include the standard thickness "wrap" (0.75" thick wood strips that the canvas wraps around) and a choice of border types, including mirrored, wrapped, and solid colored such as I chose. Fee-based options include retouching, black and white, sepia, and a thicker wrap. Easycanvasprints.com will even remove objects, such as unwanted background objects, people, or places, from your picture. 

For trophy photos, I think this is a really great idea. The only problem for me is that all my walls are already covered with deer racks, mounted fish, a bear rug, and wildlife photos. I don’t know how I would fit many canvasses unless I got them in the 8" square size! However, for someone with lots of wall space, who wants a photo that looks truly like a painting, this is the way to go.