Ammo to Go


Train and Defend .40 caliber from Winchester is a full metal Jacket (fmj) good for training at the shooting range. A full metal jacket goes straight though a target, not expanding. The Train and Defend bullets have less recoil and allow you to practice many rounds without hand fatigue. This makes realistic and comfortable shooting with the same ballistics.


Train and Defend .40 Jacketed Hollow point (jhp) has less recoil and allows you to shoot the expanding hollow point without fatigue. Practicing a hollow point is using the best defense bullet, yet less recoil. Velocity at 5 yards is 921.




PDX1 Defender Elite .40 caliber 180 grains is a bonded jacketed hollow point. This is a low flash, high velocity and a powerfully expanding round. This is what you want to carry in your pistol when you intend to defend yourself against anything that attacks. Designed for conceal carry or home defense. Velocity at 5 yards is 1019.


If you order these from, the ammunition is fair priced and arrives in a couple of days.