Rossi Matched Pair (Part 1)

When my husband went in search for a first gun for our 12-year-old son, he was thrilled to find that Rossi had the perfect set up: a youth-sized 20-gauge/.243 combination with a beautiful walnut finish. It was the perfectly matched pair. As a .243, the gun would be great for hunting whitetail deer and other medium sized big game. As a 20-gauge, our son would also be able to hunt turkey in the spring and other small game like squirrels, doves, rabbit, and quail.
Rossi Matched Pair
After examining the gun and field testing it, we quickly discovered that this was a highly accurate rifle with fully adjustable sights. We opted to add a good quality scope to the rifle barrel for the type hunting we do. Swapping barrels would quickly transform the Rossi into a great shotgun as well. To do this, loosen the strap swivel at the top of the forearm, snap the forearm off, open the action and the barrel unhinges. Reverse the process and in less than a minute, you have a shotgun. This single barreled, single shot Rossi must be cocked before it can be fired and also has a manuel safety on the left hand side, which makes it a safer gun for the new shooter. Our son instantly fell in love with his new rifle… as did I.
Shortly after acquiring the Rossi Matched Pair and with my son’s permission, I took his Rossi .243 out on an evening deer hunt. Instead of hunting in a stand I opted to ground hunt, finding a comfortable spot under a nice cedar tree on my father-in-law’s property. When a deer emerged 100 yards away, I raised the gun, took aim and fired. I had my deer down and brought from the woods in less than 2 hours after arriving.
With a smaller and shorter buttstock which has a shorter length of pull and a shorter barrel, the Rossi youth-sized rifle not only fit me perfect, but was lightweight (6.25 lbs.) and accurate. I was already sold on the .243. When turkey season arrived, I insisted on trying the Rossi 20-gauge. As I suspected, the Rossi again proved to be an accurate weapon of choice and hunting with it was sheer pleasure.
Recently, I took my first exotic with the Rossi .243 rifle, a Mouflan ram. Inwardly, I grinned as my wonderful guide voiced his concern over whether or not the Rossi was the right weapon to use in this particular hunt, stating that the ram I was in pursuit of was a difficult animal to kill. I had total confidence in the rifle and insisted it would be the weapon I used on this particular hunt. After locating my downed ram, I couldn’t wait to show my guide the exit wound. With one shot through the lungs, my mature, five-year-old ram ran only 60 yards before expiring under some cedars.
The Rossi Matched Pair is extremely accurate and versatile, has mild recoil, fits a small framed person like me perfectly and is a gun that I am now a proud owner of, having acquired one of my very own! They are inexpensive and  I proudly and highly recommended this gun to other women as my weapon of choice.
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