History of the WomenHunters Organization

Original history article by Linda K. Burch. Updated by Jill Christensen and Kathleen Kalina in September 2013.


The WomenHunters Mission Statement

The WomenHunters™ Organization is dedicated to the encouragement, education and promotion of women and youth in the hunting traditions. We strive to instill the importance of ethics, responsibility and sportsmanship in hunters. We will share our knowledge and experience while encouraging participation in the outdoors. Women hold the key to the future of hunting and WomenHunters™ will contribute to the positive growth of hunting for future generations.


The history of any long lived organization is truly based in its core start up group as a whole, for it is the efforts of a dedicated team with a common goal that propels an organization to success. There must be a good idea and a driving force too. The initial concept for WomenHunters came from the combined inspiration of Sue Burch, Bowsite.com and Bowhunting.net. The undeniable driving force was Sue Burch. Sue began her internet career doing “Cookin’ with SusieQ” and then “Womenbowhunters” at Bowhunting.net. The launch of WomenHunters followed soon after.


Sue Burch began hunting in 1995. She got a degree in computer tech in 1992 and got her first home computer in 1996. Her love for hunting was immediate and she sought out like-minded women who also loved to hunt. Sue started a Burch Family web site where she also invited people to submit wild game recipes. She joined discussion forums at Buckmasters, and Bowhunting.net (BHN) starting in 1997 where she met Robert Hoague, the webmaster of Bowhunting.net. With her background, she was invited to do “Cookin’ with SusieQ” at Bowhunting.net in 1997 and continues doing it today. Sue met Janice Baer and others through BHN too. She first registered on a Yahoo discussion group called “Women Hunters” in May of 1998 where she met Linda Burch among others. In fall of 2000, Sue got the opportunity through her growing connections in the hunting industry, to spearhead a stand alone WomenHunters web site. To say she took the ball and ran with it would be an understatement! Bowsite.com sent out an announcement in 2000 via the internet for any ladies interested in being involved in the first ever WomenHunters™ web site.


The WomenHunters™ web site debuted January 31, 2001. Sue organized ladies she had met or who volunteered, as her core group. That team helped with the organizational start up with Sue as the leader and Webmaster, lady writers, and with other industry professionals as advisors. Sue had an amazing ability to rally volunteers and gain loyalty. Her gentleness and wisdom were magnetic. The WomenHunters organization grew because of Sue’s leadership, and because of the many dedicated volunteers who put in thousands of hours of their time.


WomenHunters™ (WHs) began back before there really were any significant online (or otherwise) organizations for women hunters let alone female outdoor writers. From the very start, WomenHunters™ was meant to not only feature hunting and outdoor articles for and by women, but also to teach budding writers to write in the decidedly male dominated worlds of hunting and outdoor writing. It was also a venue for experienced writers to both gain exposure and to share their expertise and knowledge.


The core group of organizer/writers at the very beginning were Sue Burch, Linda Thompson, Linda Burch, Etta Pettijohn, Lisa Price, Noelle, and Lisa Merrick, as well as other writers who joined WomenHunters™ soon after.


But truthfully, it was Sue Burch who spent thousands of hours getting WomenHunters™ off the ground and recruiting writers and volunteers. Robyn Meadows was the first web editor, followed by Wanda Garner and later Angie Kjellberg. One of the goals of WomenHunters™ was to improve new writer’s skills and not just edit and correct their material. The object was to groom writers for potential future careers as outdoor writers.


There was a redesign of the web site with the current logo later in 2001 and another web redesign again in 2009. As this is being written, WomenHunters™ is in the process of yet another web site redesign to keep pace with technology and to better serve its membership as well as women hunters and writers in general.


The original ProStaff Coordinator was Linda Thompson. Sue Burch organized Disabled Hunts with Linda T’s help. Sue Burch became afflicted with disabling FMS in 1998 so she had a heart for those with disabilities. WomenHunters™ sponsored and was involved with two Disabled Hunts, in December 2001 and December of 2002.


In order to better fund its operations, mentor writers and start other programs, WomenHunters™ went forward with making application to the IRS to gain non profit recognition in early 2002. Application for non profit status was made for WomenHunters™ by Linda Burch (no relation) working with Sue Burch. Acceptance as a 501c non profit came in December that year.


The WomenHunters™ Newsletter, for Club Members only, was organized in late 2002 and debuted in spring 2003. The newsletter went electronic via the WomenHunters™ web site starting in 2010.


The WomenHunters™ core group grew and they attended and had a booth at their first Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show in January 2003. Linda Thompson was integral in helping to organize that debut and went on to hand build the WomenHunters™ wood booth the next year. ATA was then known as AMO or the Archery Manufacturers Organization. WomenHunters™ went to the ATA shows in 2003 thru 2007 and in so doing, continued to grow the awareness and membership of the organization. In 2004 and 2005, WomenHunters, Inc. licensed their name and logo and began filming hunts for a television show called “WomenHunters Outdoors”, or WHO, produced by Tommy Garner of Steppin’ Wolf Productions. Tommy was and still is a newspaper columnist and outdoor radio show host for an and he and wife Wanda had also helped Brenda Valentine in the editing of her book “Hunting Misadventures with the First Lady of Hunting”. The first of 13 episodes of WHO aired April 4th 2005. WomenHunters™ ProStaff were filmed on various hunts and the 13 shows were aired primarily in the southeastern United States on the Sportsman’s Channel.


The WomenHunters™ ProStaff also went on group hunts in Wisconsin at Pine Ridge Farms for deer and pheasants in September 2004 and in Kansas for turkeys as guests of then WomenHunters™ Assistant Webmaster Angie Kjellberg and husband Troy in May 2004. Articles about those hunts are in various places on our web site.


WomenHunters went on to sponsor two 3D shooting events, one at Cole Camp, Missouri in 2005, and the second also in Missouri in 2006. Both were well attended and those events are on our website as well. See links below.


In 2007, Sue Burch began her slow segue to retiring from WomenHunters™ and fully did so in January 2011. Several Presidents have been in and out of office and the organization is excited about going to the next stage with headquarters relocated to Minnesota and new president Kathleen Kalina spearheading the next generation of the WomenHunters™ organization and web site.


We at WomenHunters™ respect the past, give thanks and honor those who worked hard over the years for organizational growth, and also for those who will carry us into the future, building on the foundation laid by those who came before us.


Working Together we will continue strong and provide benefits and information for women in outdoor writing, hunting and the outdoor sporting traditions. There is no other venue like WomenHunters™ where you can find such a vast repository of articles or women hunters and writers from all walks of life and all levels of experience. We would not be where we are today were it not for the selfless efforts of our dedicated founders, leaders and volunteers.


Core Organizers/Writers at the start of WomenHunters from 1999-2001

Sue Burch, Linda Burch, Linda Thompson, Janice Baer

Lisa Price, Noelle, Lisa Merrick, Etta Pettijohn,


Webmasters of WomenHunters

Sue Burch 1999 – January 2011

Kathleen Kalina & Jill Christiansen Jan 2011- present


Editors & Web Assistants at WomenHunters. 2000-present

Robyn Meadows - web

Wanda Garner - web

Angie Kjellberg – web

Sheila Ogle – newsletter

Andrea Johnson - web

Jen Emm – web



Past Executive Directors of WomenHunters

Sue Burch, Jan 2003-Dec 2006

Linda Burch, Jan 2007- Sep 2008

Beth Ann Amico, Sep 2008-May 2009

Position Eliminated, May 2009 – present



Past Presidents of WomenHunters

Linda Thompson, Jan 2003-Dec 2004

Linda Burch, Jan 2005-Dec 2006

Alyssa Houkum, Jan 2007-Dec 2008

Linda Burch, 2009-Dec 2010

Kathleen Kalina, Jan 2011 – present



Initial WomenHunters Writers

(when all writers were listed on one WHs Web page – circa 2001)



Judy Kovar

Lisa Price

Linda Thompson

Linda Burch

Lisa Merrick

Cindy Braun

Etta Pettijohn

Jo Daniel

Donna Blair

Tara Williams

Robyn Meadows

Kris Holder

Sharon Pagel

Carol Oyster

Kayla Jacobson

Tracy Gendron

Sue Burch



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Final Note


This WomenHunters history page is a work in progress. We have attempted to gather all information about the history WomenHunters in as factual and complete a manner as possible.