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Growing up, I was always glued to my father’s side. He is a bird hunter and I was always daddies little sidekick. Every fall when dove season came in, we would wake up early and head for the fields. I always had to go. I couldn’t stand to be left at home. I guess I was a true tom boy. Every year was the same, I never lost my passion to be outside with dad, whatever he was doing, whether it was him cutting wood, hunting or fishing.

Every summer from the time I was six-years-old to 13 years our family would leave our hometown of Powhatan, Virginia and drive the short one and a half hours to the Chesapeake Bay (the eastern shore of Virginia)to spend our summers. I don’t think I ever came inside until it was dark every. I spent all of my time fishing and crabbing the Chesapeake Bay and loved every minute of it. We would go out and drop the crab pots, fish all day for flounder, bluefish and spot, then come in from a long sun-filled day to grandma’s home cooked dinners!

That was how I spent seven summers! Being exposed to the outdoors at such a young age made me love and appreciate everything that was at my disposal. I had to be a part of the action, I did not ever want to stay behind, and I wanted to experience everything!

As the years went on, nothing changed, except for the fact that I got older. I wanted to be involved in whatever was going on outside with dad. He deer hunted a little, and that’s where I started to develop a new interest, “deer drives.” I was a teenager about 16, he would have a few buddies come to our family farm, set up a drive and I would be a “stander” with dad and wait to see if a deer would come running by. At that point I was not one of the shooters; it was enough for me to just be there. You know, watch and see what was going to happen.

Several years went on like that, me being out there a part of all of the action, but not actually shooting. It didn’t click with me until I was 20 years old when I met my husband Brent, who is an avid deer hunter, that NOW I wanted to try myself to shoot a deer. I mean if he can do it then I can. That was my mentality. All of those years being there watching everyone else be successful harvesting deer, It must have finally clicked with me that now it is time for me to get in on the action and try to shoot a deer.

That moment changed me forever. I was not a bystander anymore, I knew in my heart I could do it and do it well.

I have grown so much as a woman and a hunter over the past 11 years; I have gained so much experience. Shortly after I started with a shotgun, it progressed to a .243, then a .270 now I shoot a .300 RSAUM. I am an avid bow hunter; I also enjoy my muzzleloader as well.

My husband and I seem to live outdoors! All we look forward to is hunting season, and if it’s not hunting season we are practicing with our bows or guns waiting for the season. I have harvested whitetail deer, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, rocky mountain elk, black bear, wild hogs, coyotes, foxes and eastern turkey.

There is nothing we don’t or won’t like to hunt. Every animal presents a new challenge depending on what weapon we will use, to the terrain where that animal lives. I am only 31 years old, and I know there are a lot more animals I will hunt and places I will travel, and experiences that are yet to be had, but that is what drives me, my passion to see new game, and new places, that equals new challenges, but I am up to it and I can’t wait.

My husband Brent and I live in Powhatan, Virginia, with our child Sadie, she is a Labrador retriever! My other interests include, traveling the world, taking long walks with Sadie, and working out at the YMCA.

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