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Growing up the daughter of a game warden one would think I had hunted my entire life. However, as a child I never hunted or even knew any hunters. As a matter of fact, the only image I had of hunting at the time was a negative one because all I ever heard about were the ones whom my dad caught doing wrong. Consequently, I thought all hunters were bad people. I would never have dreamed that one day I, too, would become a hunter.

It was not until I was in college and met my future husband that I was introduced to the life of a “real hunter.” One who enjoys the pursuit as much as, if not more than, the conquest and who has a deep respect for and appreciation of the animal itself.

I have been a “real hunter” now for almost 20 years. From the very first time I went hunting with my husband, I was smitten. I realized that hunting was not what I had grown up thinking it was. I also realized that I had quickly developed an addiction to it. Lucky for me, my addiction is legal!

It was some 17 years ago when I harvested my first deer, a small doe. Since that time I have taken numerous deer with rifle, muzzleloader, and bow. I am proud of them all, but I am most proud of the ones I have taken with my bow. I am even more proud, however, of the ones my children have taken when I was with them. You see, hunting is a family thing with us. We are raising our four children in the woods. I want to make sure that they grow up with the real image of hunting not the mistaken one I grew up with. I want to make sure they grow up enjoying the peacefulness and serenity of sitting in a tree stand hearing nothing but a scampering squirrel or singing bird. I want to make sure they grow up “getting high” on nothing but the excitement of feeling their heart nearly beat out of their chest at the sound of crunching leaves getting closer. I want to make sure they grow up appreciating the beauty of nature and the awesomeness of God’s handiwork. I want to ensure they learn to give thanks to Him for all these things.

I look forward to sharing my stories and experiences both good and bad with you all.

Quick facts:

I live in North Mississippi with my husband of 20 years and our four children ages 18, 15, 10, & 3. Each year I “adopt” 20-25 new children – I teach 5th grade! My life revolves in one way or another around children, hunting, and church. I also love to read, cook, and write short stories and devotions.

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