Christine Hansen's Bio

I have always enjoyed the outdoors, growing up on a ranch in Montana gave me plenty of opportunity to do just that. Even though I spent a lot of time outdoors, it wasn't until I got married that I realized I even wanted to hunt.

Greg and I were married on December 18, 1999. In January of 2000, we moved to Kentucky for my internship on Claiborne Farm through KEMI (Kentucky Equine Management Internship). April of 2000 we moved back to Montana and took care of my dad's cattle on their summer range in Phillipsburg Montana. Elk were constantly tearing down our fences and pulling out our irrigation dams, I will leave the Elk stories for another time though. The summer progressed on and I planted moss roses in my garden but much to my dismay the Gophers promptly ate them all, that’s when I decided I wanted to learn how to shoot. I started of with Greg's 22 and progressed to his mothers 6mm. That hunting season I decided I would like to hunt, since we were badly in need of some meat. It is very ironic that the rancher's daughter prefers venison to beef:-) I told Greg that I had to know I could kill an animal and know I wouldn't wound it badly so with some! practice I was ready to hunt using a head shot with Gail's 6mm. I shot my doe with a head shot, and 15 minutes later and 10 yards away from my doe a small buck came along. Needless to say, he was in our freezer as well. I was hooked. Then Greg re-enlisted in the Air Force and we moved to McChord AFB in Washington, the next hunting season I was pregnant with our first child and very sick so hunting was out. Our lives seemed to get busier and busier and we didn't have the time or place to get enough practice in to hunt. January 2003 we moved to Cheyenne Wyoming, again I was pregnant the next hunting season. Greg decided to get into Archery in January of 2005, and for Mother's Day, I insisted on a bow for my present. I was so intrigued by archery, and apparently had a pretty natural touch because I started outshooting my husband in just a short while. My bow is a Browning Micro Adrenaline and I absolutely love it.

We went back to Montana to hunt archery season this year and I got a nice big doe, shot at 20 yards, dead 10 yards from that. We did learn a lot this year about bowhunting and hope to have several more deer to add next year. Lots more stories to come.

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