Tammy Koenig's Bio

Once an anti hunter, Tammy now has harvested over 60 whitetail deer and other big game. She is an outdoor enthusiast who has received national recognition for her success in teaching archery and bow hunting as well as her expertise in whitetail hunting. A writer and certified NBEF instructor, she also teaches for NWTF’s "Woman in the Outdoors" and "Becoming an Outdoors Woman" program.

Tammy is officially recorded as the world’s first woman to instruct an all woman class in the fine skills of archery and bowhunting. She achieved this title by teaching the very first Becoming an Outdoors Woman event ever conducted in 1990. All future programs were patterned after this event. In 2000, she was voted teacher of the year by participants. Tammy is also co-founder of KING Dimensions LLC, providing do-it-yourself taxidermy kits and other hunting accessories to the hunting industry

Noted for her passion for hunting, she has carved out a permanent place in the outdoor world. Writing articles, traveling the country hunting and teaching seminars, she is frequently featured in national magazines and on television shows. With a determined goal sharing the outdoors with other women and children firmly in focus, Tammy and her daughter Brittany host the television show Leading Ladies Outdoors. Now an avid hunter of 27 years, she presses on with the sole aim of embracing a whole new generation of hunters. Tammy is never happier than when passing on her appreciation for the awe and beauty of God’s great outdoors.

Note: Leading Ladies Outdoors has been purchased by AdventureBound Outdoors. As of July 1st, 05 Leading Ladies Outdoors will be a regular segment on this Outdoor Channel television show.

For more information visit Tammy’s web site at www.leadingladiesoutdoors.com or www.kingdimensions.com

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