Paula Brewer's Bio

Paula was born in Moroni, Utah. She was one of ten children! She has six brothers and three sisters. None of her brothers have ever hunted, fished or played any type of sports, but they can tear apart an engine or computer and invent anything you’ve ever dreamed of. Paula married her high school sweetheart at the tender age of 17. Their first date was a deer hunt in Central Utah. Paula layered up for the cold weather and hiked behind Robert down into a steep canyon. When the sun came up and they hiked back out, Paula left all the layers on and melted in the sweltering heat. She hadn’t brought a drink or a snack. You would think an experience like that would deter even the best of hunters, but that was just the beginning!

Over the years, they expanded their love of the mountains and hunting to include every kind of hunt: rifle, muzzleloader, archery, deer, elk, turkey, cougar, bear, rabbits, pheasants, pronghorn, etc. Paula’s dad loved to brag about the time Paula took her muzzleloader to work at Snow College. After work, she didn’t have time to go home and change clothes before it was too dark to hunt, so she put the gun on the passenger seat. On the way home, she drove on a little dirt road in her Ford Escort where she spotted a nice buck on her hunting property, jumped out of the car, and shot the buck. She was wearing high heels, nylons, and a dress!

Paula’s favorite is the archery elk hunt, but claims there is nothing finer than taking a bear with a bow! She has also taken a mountain lion with a bow and numerous flying pheasants with her archery equipment. Paula shoots year-round with her bow. She belongs to the Top Notch Archers and has served as an officer for the past five years. Paula has shot three perfect scores during their Winter League. Paula also teaches archery at Snow College and lots of youth archery classes. She also sings to the senior citizens regularly. She has been known to bring the karaoke to camp and get everyone singing! I enjoy spending time with my daughter and my granddaughters.