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Julie Hughes

Unlike many hunter/outdoorsmen, my love of the outdoors and wildlife did not come at an early age. I spent my childhood playing softball, soccer, and many activities with horses.  We by all means were not an urban family; camping was an occasional family event, hunting was never discussed and wildlife (with the exception of rattlesnakes and coyotes) was only something I read about in National Geographic or World Magazine sent by my Granddad.


The passion I have for the outdoors and wildlife has rapidly grown since my early 20’s when I was first introduced to the world of hunting and a lifestyle virtually foreign to me.


Believe it or not, as a young adult, I leaned heavily towards anti-hunting. It took the patience of a hunter and an open mind on my part, to see the benefits of hunting and the reality of conservation.


My first hunt was for Black Tail in Washington State with a trusty old 30-30, but now, many years later, I am an archery hunter at heart. I don’t have numerous trophies to speak of and honestly, I am much better at the stalk than I am at the harvest, but I love it none the less. For me, the experience is not about the inches. The unbelievable encounters with wildlife and time in the field are priceless.


The introduction to this lifestyle has been life altering and I have raised two children that embrace this same way of living.


In 2016, I began my dream job with the Nevada Department of Wildlife as a Conservation Educator. I’m eager to share my knowledge and experience in hopes of creating excitement in the lives of others that the outdoors and wildlife has brought to me and my own kids.


Julie Hughes-Gabrielson


There is a whole world of adventure just waiting for us to experience!


Live Simply.  Love Generously.  Care Deeply.  Speak Kindly.  And keep God in your quiver!



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