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Thanks for taking a minute to stop by my page and take a gander. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the Women Hunters family now for a couple of years and it has been an honor. The past nearly thirteen years I have been an outdoor writer, writing a column on the benefits of outdoor fun and then sliding, sometimes not so gracefully, into a weekly column with My Texas News, writing about hunting events, outfitters and outdoor events in general. Since then I have been fortunate enough to be published in several outdoor magazines such as Texas Fish and Game Magazine and Sports Afield Magazine to name a few. I was honored with two Best in Craft awards from the Texas Outdoor Writers Association in 2008 and was the captain of Team Running on Empty, which took the Campbell Outdoor Challenge Circuit Championship in 2008.

Writing for Women Hunters has given me an opportunity to meet some amazing women. The hunting world is changing its face gradually and becoming friendlier to the serious women hunter. The retailers are finally fitting clothes to the women who hunt, that need the same gear as men do only shaped slightly differently, and not made in pink or magenta. Nothing against pink or magenta, it just doesn’t do well in a blind. Guns are being manufactured to fit smaller hands as well as gear and boots. The Women Hunters' community is instrumental in bringing about these changes. I tip my hat to each and every one of you.

I am married to a most amazing man who has allowed me the freedom to write not only for the magazines and newspapers, but encouraged me to finish a novel and then write not one, but two, non-fiction books which are with a publisher now. We are breeders of Labradors and Golden Retrievers,, and have developed our property into a fantastic breeding and training facility, which we will continue to grow. So the two non-fiction books have to do with the Labradors and with the breeding facility itself. We are looking forward to their release, which may still be awhile, but we will keep you posted. We will let you know when they come available with a banner ad here on Women Hunters.

Being a writer in the woods I have had the opportunity to photograph wildlife in its most raw form and have been up close and personal with some of nature’s most dangerous creatures. These are all opportunities I will carry with me for a lifetime. Recently, in shooting a Rattlesnake piece for Texas Fish and Game Magazine, April issue 2009, I was a mere 5 feet from a seriously agitated 20-year-old rattler, although the handler was ever present, it is still unnerving to be that close, and face-to-face. On our website Mammoth you will find pictures of that snake and a Mojave Rattler that I found tooling along the road at the bottom of Pinto Canyon in the Texas desert. I think the outfitter that was with me that day nearly left me there when I leapt from the truck and kicked dirt on the snake to make him coil for the perfect shot. To be an outdoor photographer requires patience, perseverance, and pure, 'gotta’ swallow your fear and face the bull head on,' then run like the devil for cover. It is hard work, but it is like no other job on this planet to photograph nature and catch moments in time to share with the world is priceless.

A couple of years ago, while training polo horses, a horse fell and rolled over on me causing multiple injuries. This past year I have had to go through several surgeries and have unfortunately been unable to participate in this year's hunting season. But, it has given me the time to photograph more images and enjoy the wildlife, as well as formulate a plan for the next season. I look forward to picking up my bow again and fine-tuning any bad habits I might have acquired being out of practice. I do want to take a moment to thank my husband and my children for being patient with me through this time, it has been rough at times, trying to be tough through pain, gutting through hours upon hours of sitting in a blind in 20 degree temps with pain searing through your spine to make a deadline before giving in to the realization that this needed to be taken care of. Also coming to terms with the fact that my injuries would never be “fixed,” I would never be the same. Eventually surgery and then the process of turning down the multitude of pain medication the doctors handed out like candy, realizing my life without pain medication would be a challenge, but one worth taking, and then having days where I could not get out of bed without help, or fell because my legs stopped working. Many did not understand my way of handling the pain but my husband has been, not only strong through this and the surgeries, but has never blinked an eye, nor been judgmental through my many imperfections. My son has been by my side tirelessly, without complaint. Thank you, thank you. You are my strength.

So this coming year, I look forward to forging ahead, adjusting to body limitations, staying strong and fine-tuning my bow eye.


Happy Hunting!


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