Kathleen Kalina's Bio

Age 5 at an archery competition.
3 yrs old.  Ripon, Wisconsin.
Kathleen Kalina
Hi, I am the former President of Womenhunters after 5yrs of service.
I was raised in Illinois and Wisconsin spending my best times on Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin. (The nation’s second largest inland freshwater lake is 28 miles long and 11 miles wide).  My father took me hunting when I was only 1 year hanging from the back of his neck with my feet balanced in his coat pockets.
I was my grandfather's hunting and fishing partner all my childhood. The only conversation amoung cousins, aunts and uncles and our family was about shooting, bowhunting and hunting and fishing.  No baseball was ever discussed. My grandfather was a dealer in antique guns. My father was a dealer in guns and bows, making recurve bows in the basement.
I was a champion archer in county and state shoots in Illinois at the age of 5 to 12. I started bowfishing in the Rock River of Wisconsin at age 8 and age 9 bowfished Lake Winnebago.
Age 14, Bowfishing on Lake Winnebago

I finished my B.S and M.S. degrees in Environmental Science with research into hatcheries and later I pursued my Ph.D at the University of Minnesota in Natural Resource Science.   I spent many years as a contract Environmental Scientist for remote tribes in Wisconsin, Maine, and Vermont. I've spent the last 8 yrs teaching college in Minnesota.

I have hunted and fished in many places in the U.S, Alaska, Canada and Mexico. I deer hunt with bow and firearms.

 My springer spaniel and I hunt ducks, geese, pheasants and grouse with a 12 guage. I hunt prairie dogs with a 22-250 varmit rifle in Wyoming. I turkey hunt with a 12 guage. I bowfish for carp and other rough fish from a boat that I renovated myself, having bowfished since a young child.
I pistol shoot in many calibers and enjoy all types of shooting since I was very young.  I have a conceal and carry license. I would love to expand my hunting to new areas when the opportunity exists.

I am particular interested in tracking and spend a great deal of time studying tracks, vocalizations and signs of carnivores.
I recently wrote the books: “The Carnivores of Minnesota” and “Bowfishing Species ID.”

Chukar hunting. Minnesota. 2009. Benelli 12 guage. Daisy, my Springer. Raccoon Hunting 1984 Remington 12 guage
Grouse hunting. Duck Hunting with Daisy my dog (English Springer)
Bowfishing in Minnesota. 2008.
Black Ice Bowtech Diamond Bow.
Bowfishing in 1987 at the Messina NY St Laurence River  Big Bowfishing Shoot. 250# whitetail deer with nice 8 point rack taken in Minnesota 2005. Ithaca 12 guage shotgun with slug.

2009 Pheasant hunting
12 guage Benelli
2008 Prairie Dog hunting in Buffalo, Wyoming.
22-250 Remington.

30 lb Turkey
April 2011
12 guage Benelli
Turkey Nitro load

8 pt Buck

Remington 30:06

 familygrandpa and me muzzleloader new

Muzzeloader shooting with my grandfather


Spruce Grouse Ontario - October 2011


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