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Though I grew up around hunting, I never got the bug. My Grandfather was an avid rabbit hunter and always had a kennel filled with beagles. Daddy was into birds, deer and raccoon. The family pet was a bird dog or a coon dog. These were all working dogs and had a job to do. As a child I thought the hunting cabin was straight from heaven – hanging on stilts on the side of a cliff in Boone, bunk beds, outhouse and all. One wall was covered in pieces of flannel and I learned that when a deer was harvested, a piece of the hunter’s flannel shirt was cut off and nailed to the wall.

I married a man who would hunt and fish for anything there was a season on and raised two boys who followed in their father’s footsteps. Then a few years ago I got the hunting bug when we acquired a German Short Hair Pointer. My husband, Gary needed someone to grouse hunt with him as we didn’t know many who still hunted the elusive birds. I very innocently said that I would like to go “sometimes” – watching the bird dogs work brought back many wonderful childhood memories.


I participated in the First Annual All Women All Weapons Hunt in South Carolina sponsored by Lynne and Jim Frady. The experience was awesome and I learned so much from the seminars and just sitting around at night talking and getting to know the other participants.

It was only a short time until the archery bug bit as well. We spent many hours at Jim and Lynne Frady’s setting up my bow and making sure everything was just right. I was very fortunate to harvest a Corsican Ram the same fall at the Busy B Ranch in Texas with my bow. The Ram scored Gold Medal in the Record of Exotics.

I have since been honored to join the Pro Staff for Team Frady Outdoor Adventures as Director. Through Team Frady Outdoor Adventures we have had the opportunity to teach classes for the National Wild Turkey Federations’ Women in the Outdoors Program. A truly memorable experience was teaching a pilot archery program for thirty (30) couples at the Biltmore Estate in September, 2006. I am active in the First Light Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation in McDowell County where I serve as a Chapter Officer as well as a Board Member and past coordinator of the Women in the Outdoors Program and on the planning committee for the Annual JAKES Day.

I have learned so much from so many. My husband and sons have been there from the beginning, helping and encouraging and I owe them a huge debt of appreciation for their guidance. They never put any pressure on taking the animal but quietly gave their support for the adventure. Jim and Lynne Frady have given their support and encouragement from the very first day I met them and have opened many doors to me that I didn’t realize were closed. My goal is to pass on the tradition of the hunting and shooting sports especially to women and children. Everyone needs a starting place and the encouragement to explore new roads.

Needless to say, hunting is now not only something I enjoy but crave as well. I fully understand the excitement of a big gobbler talking in the early morning hours or the silhouette of a deer on the horizon. The crispness of the first fall day brings out the tree stands. A walk through the woods is no longer just a walk – it is a chance to understand the woodland creatures. A hunt is not about the kill but the chance to share experiences with many different people and connect with them on a different plane. During a busy day, I yearn for a quiet spot in the woods to regain my peace of mind and commune with God’s creation.

I can’t believe what I have been missing!


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