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Compound Bows, Deer Hunting

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Janice Baer
I grew up in the city, living just ten minutes from Downtown Minneapolis, and maybe because of this, never knew of anyone who hunted. Certainly not my family. I also never knew anyone who was against hunting. "Hunting" was never brought up so it has always been a non-issue for me. It was like the word never existed in my early life.

However, that would all change one exciting day. 

My love of all things hunting stems from my initial experience at a Becoming an Outdoors Woman event in 1996. Also commonly referred to as BOW. It was there that I shot a bow for the first time. I don't recall ever even hitting the hay bale, since I used a right-handed bow while I later discovered that I'm left eye dominant. Nevertheless, I loved it and thought it was something I could (and would) pursue at home. At that time, I was a stay-at-home mom of four young kids. On Mother's Day of that same year, I bought myself a bow, shot it often, and joined an indoor 3-D league at the local archery range. Listening to the guys at the archery shop always talking about hunting, made me believe that was the next logical step up the ladder of archery, so up I climbed. I love archery in general, but bowhunting in particular.  


With bowhunting being a passion of mine, I have joined several hunting organizations and became members of the following, both past and present: 

    • MN DNR certified Bowhunter Ed Instructor
    • MN Bowhunters, Inc. (MBI)
    • Metro Bowhunters Resource Base (MBRB secretary, BOD and Hunt Coordinator)
    • NorthCountry Bowhunters chapter of Safari Club
    • Nat'l Wild Turkey Federation
    • Wildlife Forever
    • NRA
    • Land o Lakes Bowfishing Association
    • United Foundation For Disabled Archers (UFFDA)

I have been a part of Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) in MN as an archery instructor and Women in the Outdoors (WITO) 


I have also been a photographer for WomenHunters™ and Bowhunting.net at the annual Archery Trade Association (ATA) show. 

My love of hunting landed me a job first at Double Bull Archery making hunting ground blinds for several years. Then I helped make FireTape for WildTech Corp, owned by co-WomenHunter™ staff member Linda Kistler-Dahlin.

I'm strictly a bow gal and have tagged whitetail deer, black bear, wild turkey, wild hog, rabbits, squirrels and raccoons with my bow, and rough fish while bowfishing.

Other hobbies I have are sometimes incorporated into my hunting endeavors.

For example, I love to take landscape and nature photographs, and I also dabble in some poetry, which often comes to me while sitting on stand or in a blind.


"There's no place that I'd rather be,

than out in the woods, just God and me."




























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