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Growing up in a small town in the Midwest where hunting and
fishing were as much a part of the culture as Friday night High School football games and Sunday church attendance, it was hard for me to imagine that therewas any other lifestyle other than one
that integrated the outdoors. My Father, a man raised in a hard-working, agriculturally-minded Wisconsin family made sure of that. To this day, I remain grateful for his efforts to expose me to fishing and hunting. I would never have guessed that those early experiences would grow to become such a vital part of my life.

I picked up my first compound bow at the age of 22 and after first learning to shoot and then hunt with it, I was off and running on my life’s archery odyssey. Over the years I gained in my proficiency and was
fortunate to be able to take a number of game animals with modern bows. Despite my success, however, for me it was just not quite complete.

My interest in traditional archery began as I learned more about the roots of our hunting heritage and the history of the bows of Native Americans. I was in awe of the skill that these indigenous people developed
with simple wooden bows and arrows and at how they carved a life out of the wilderness with their woodsmanship and their ability to get close killing shots at the game they hunted.

I bought my first “stickbow” in the late 1990’s. It was a
beautiful recurve made with a zebrawood riser and red elm limbs. There was only one problem.
“Could someone please tell me how to shoot this thing”?!

Eventually, I did learn the art, the practice, and the discipline of traditional archery. For many years it has been my preferred way to hunt, and more important, my preferred way to experience the beauty and the challenge of the outdoors life. Like the outdoors itself, traditional bows have become integral to my identity, to my sense of self as a hunter, and my appreciation of the game I take. It has given me both purpose and passion and it is my deepest hope to be able to share the sheer joy of these simple and effective bows with others.




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