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I grew up in Wisconsin and have lived in this beautiful state my entire life. As a young girl I fished the Rock River with my family and camped & boated all over Wisconsin. I was a fish myself—loved being around and in the water as much as possible. In college I met my husband Brian; an avid outdoorsman and bowhunter, and picked up a bow myself in 1982. Bowhunting remains my #1 passion to this day, a passion my husband and I share and pursue every chance we get.

Over the years I’ve traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada hunting deer, bear, elk, antelope, wild hog, mountain lion, pheasants and turkeys with either my beloved Mathews bow(I Use a 60 lb. Drenalin now), my 12 ga. Winchester, or my Thompson Center Encore 12 ga., .243 or .30-06.

I’ve bowfished for shark, redfish, gar and all kinds of carp in Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana and Texas with AMS Bowfishing….great friends and great times.

I joined WomenHunters in 2002 as a staff writer, and it’s been an amazing ride since then. It’s interesting to see how women’s place in hunting has evolved over the last three decades since I started hunting, and I’m so very proud to be a part of the positive changes I’ve witnessed.   Being a member of WomenHunters has enabled me to share my experiences and knowledge, positively influence others, promote women & hunting, and promote conservation through my freelance outdoor writing, radio interviews and TV appearances.

I write for WomenHunters, Bass Pro Shops and Wisconsin Outdoor News, appear on bowfishing DVD’s sold nationwide and have been a guest on various local & national radio & television shows.

I’ve been happy with my success in the industry and in the field but have had tough years as well. Since 2013 I’ve had my own battle with Thyroid Cancer. With each surgery and radiation treatment my goal was the same: return to the woods or water as quickly as I could. Returning to the outdoors became my goal and my therapy; I found it was not just instrumental for me physically but that it was vital to my soul. It’s also vital that I share my passion with others and persuade others to enjoy what I see and feel out there. So…. I hope you’ll join me.

May you all discover what feeds your soul and strive to share your passion and knowledge while encouraging others to live life outdoors.


Pro Staff - WomenHunters
Pro Staff Coordinator
Past President & VP – Womenhunters

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