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I remember when I was a young girl that I would help my Dad clean his small game that he brought home. Every once in a while, he would take me hunting with him. He only took me deer hunting with him one time. We hunted up in a tree, sitting on a big tree limb, and I tell you it was awful hard for me to sit still. You can just imagine how much that tree limb was moving, and every deer in the area saw it clearly, and heard all the racket I made. Needless to say Daddy never invited me back to go deer hunting with him.

This is where Danny my husband comes into the picture... we met in 1975, and dated for a while, but went our seperate ways. He was my first love... All of you ladies know that you never forget your first love. He was one of those men that was always fishing or hunting. Even after we quit dating he took my parents deer meat every once in a while and dropped in to see them from time to time. Now let's move forward 15 years to when Danny, and I both had gotten out of bad marriages. He found out I was free, and gave me a call. It was as if God had sent him in my life again. There was no greater time, that I could have used him... he was a rock for me when I truly needed someone to lean on. Anyway he was hunting each fall, and I told him I wanted to try it because I had went once with Daddy. He kept putting me off cause he didn't think I would enjoy it. So after a couple of seasons he finally took me. What a shock he got when I fell in love with hunting. I enjoy being outdoors sitting in the woods with nature and watching all the animals. Sometimes I forget to watch for the deer when I get involved watching some of the smaller animals (oops). My most favorite time to be in the woods is what I call the magical time of morning. It is when everything is all quiet then just as dawn starts to break it is as if someone flips a switch and the whole woods comes alive in one moment. It is worth it just to be there... check it out, I promise it will do your heart good. You don't have to be a hunter to enjoy the woods. It could be the first step but that is your choice. I do urge you to give it a try.

Before I came down with FMS (fibromyalgia) I worked an odd shift, as it was seven days on, and seven days off, so I got to hunt a lot. I would go as much as I could on my week off, and believe me I would be out there a great deal. I started out with a 6MM, and hunted with it for years. Then I tried a .270 for a while. I didn't get started with a bow after I got my first home computer in 1996, and got online... I met some online friends at Buckmasters web site, and Bowhunting.Net. Robert Hoague, and Janice Baer are long time friends that convinced me to try a bow. We go way back to 1997 when we met in the chat room at This is also how I got started doing web pages. I had created my own personal page called Burch Family, and it had a recipe section where I asked people to send me recipes. Robert liked it and ask me to start doing a column at Bowhunting.Net called Cooking with SusieQ. I have been interviewed, and written about in a couple of magazines about the Cooking with SusieQ column. From that I started helping out a little at BHN. Next came WomenBowhunters, and the url It was hard keeping enough writers for it over the years for just women bowhunters. For WomenHunters we only have ladies that write for it but we are happy to have men and ladies write for So if you see any articles that has a man's name then it is coming from our sister site WBH.

For WomenHunters™ to be born, God opened the door in the fall of 2000, and we had our debut on January 31, 2001. It has been an amazing journey. I can't tell you it has been smooth because Our Lord sure did not promise us a smooth ride. It has been one rocky road trip that keeps you on your toes wondering what is going to happen next. We decided to become a nonprofit corporation because we felt we had so much to offer and we could do, so much more that way. One of the programs that we have, and I am so proud to have Jen Emm as our Editor working to improving writers skills instead of just changing their work. Also ladies can get experience with us, and go out into the field as experienced writers. I don't believe it that helps the writer at when their work is changed for them, but when they fix their own mistakes then they are able to learn from them. I have to brag about our writers that we have now. I will not say any names but one lady went from a 5th grade level to a 9th grade since working in our program. I am so proud of her and the others. All have improved but I have to say that one lady stands out for me. God Bless her! I don't brag on or thank our ladies enough. They deserve so much more! If you enjoy their articles please email me, and I will forward your email to them. I know it sure helps me to know that I am not doing all of this for nothing. At times I admit it gets hard to keep it all going. Remember this... we are a nonprofit organization and all of us are volunteers. All of our time that we put into WH is for free. If you would like to help out please let us know. We can always use more help.

Danny, and I have mostly hunted around home. The harvest of my very first, and second buck within two hours is the most memorable of all because it involves my Dad and I treasure these memories since my Dad is gone now. We have been to Canada twice to hunt bear, and I have to say bear hunting is my favorite of all. The rush you get when you have the bear under your stand when you are bowhunting is something I just can't quiet explain. I guess you will have to get out there and try it for youself. I thought the rush of deer hunting was something but boy oh boy... bear hunting ... Talk about excitement!

When we got married we had three teen-agers, and one younger daughter living with us. You know how much food that takes, and on top of it they always had friends with them. We don't buy beef, and during hunting season we would fill up one freezer with vension, and one freezer with vegetables from our garden. Then we would only have to get the other stuff at the grocery store. We did buy chicken, and some fish but caught most of our own fish. We had chickens for fresh eggs, but those were not for eating. I miss fresh eggs. Since we only have one daughter at home still in college, we don't need as much venison. Now we just take what we need for meat and then trophy hunt for the rest of the season.

I don't get to hunt like I would like to since I got FMS. Hunting for me now is harder than ever, and sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. But the answer to that of course is YES! There is nothing like being in the woods whether you bring home a trophy, or anything at all. It is not always about bringing something home. Of course that is awesome, but enjoying the time you are out there is a treasure in itself. You learn so much by watching, and I feel that if I can get a deer to walk under my stand, and feed without knowing I am there... Hey I have done something. If you have never experienced the thrill of having deer or bear so close to you without their knowledge may I ask you to come, and try out hunting. If you don't think hunting is for you then how about taking photos to begin with? Maybe as a way of working your way up, you will get to the point you would like to hunt, maybe not. Someone ask me how could I kill such a beautiful animal, and my answer was because that is meat on my table. It gives my pride to know that I can help put meat on our table. Not by going to grocery store, and picking it up because any one can do that. I do like our ancestors did it. Now that is even harder to do more than ever, so I enjoy it all the more when I get to go.

We need to work together because I believe that it is going to take all of us ladies to ensure the future of hunting. Have you invited a lady or a kid hunting lately? If you would like to try it and don't have anyone to take you then contact me and we will see if we can hook you up with someone to take you.

One more thing I want to share with you... We know how men name their cars sometimes so I decided to name my bow and gun.
Mathews Mustang and her name is "Baby Doll" I just call her "Baby" for short and I really enjoy shooting "Baby" when I am able.

Mathews Mustang Bow
Muzzy Broadheads
Carbon Express Arrows
Whisker Biscuit
Copper John Dead Nut Sight
Archery Shooter System

Thompson Center Encore 7mm 08 Rifle with Turkey barrel for hunting turkeys... and her name is "Honey Lamb". Of course just calling her "Honey".

Thompson Center Encore 7mm 08 Rifle w/12 guage Turkey Barrel
Red Dot Scope for Turkey Barrel

Nikon Scope for Rifle.



God Bless and may your hunting future be bright!


Bowhunter Rights Coalition
NRA - National Rifle Association
NWTF - Wheelin' Sportsmen
WomenHunters™ Club


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