Nicole James's Bio

 NJ Buck2 I grew up in Evanston, IL a suburb of Chicago and not exactly a hunting hotspot. My father did, however, take me fishing every summer and I loved it. I loved being outside, learning something new and mostly I loved bringing home those fish to feed everyone. I had done it by myself and it was quite empowering. But I didn't know a sole that hunted, I didn't even think about hunting until I had moved to the country years later and was raising my two children. I started shooting trap with a local Moose lodge and found it to be quite fun. The guys were always talking about going Pheasant hunting so I got a crazy notion that I was going to rescue a Springer Spaniel and teach him to be a bird dog. And I did just that with the help of a local trainer with whom I assisted in training my newly acquired rescue, Buddy, to be a fair bird dog, nothing to write home about, but I was happy. I was out with my dog, having fun.

Well over time my dog Buddy left us, my life took a big turn and I found myself single, kids off to college and my job moving me to Southern Mississippi. Oh my, what was this city girl going to do? Start fishing again adding a cast-net and crab baskets to my repertoire and learn to hunt. I met up with a wonderful group of women and they took me under their wing and now I'm hooked. I've since gone hog hunting, deer hunting and duck hunting. And I can't wait for turkey season to come around. I've also been invited to go bear hunting in North Carolina, that will be a blast I'm sure. I not only enjoy hunting with my Remington 700 .308 or Mossberg 20 gauge, but I also enjoy shooting with my camera and capturing the moments on film. I have just taken up archery and hope to become proficient enough with my new bow to be able to hunt with it as well. 

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I am currently an NRA Refuse to Be A Victim instructor, and working on my Pistol Instructor certification. I am also a CPR Instructor and member of a wide variety of hunting and conservation groups. I enjoy encouraging other women to get out and have new experiences.

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