Christine Cunningham's Bio

Christine Cunningham is a lifelong Alaskan, author, and outdoor columnist known for her contributions to outdoor magazines and her commitment to creating opportunities for women to connect and share their stories. Her first book,

Women Hunting Alaska, profiles some of Alaska’s most outstanding female hunters.

Christine enjoys writing outdoor humor columns and sharing the stories of other women hunters embracing the sporting life. In her blog, Yoga for Duck Hunters, she writes about her outdoor pursuits and her relationship with a growing family of hunting dogs. Her regular column, The Edge, at Women’s Outdoor News explores the expanding perspectives on hunting and the outdoors offered by a growing community of women hunters. She also writes regular humor columns for Alaska Sporting Journal and The Redoubt Reporter.

As a hunter education instructor for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and volunteer  for various conservation organizations, she works to promote the outdoors and continue the hunting heritage by recruiting new members.

She is proud to be recognized as the 2014 ProisHYPERLINK "" Award winner, serves on the board of WomenHunters and is honored to represent quality outdoor apparel for women as ProStaff for EvoOutdoors and SyrenHYPERLINK "" USA.


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