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Hello, my name is Angie Helmbrecht and I am a newly converted hunting enthusiast and boy, am I hooked! First off, I am ECSTATIC to be a part of the Women Hunters community! What a great way to share stories, learn from each other, interact, and support each other! I have always enjoyed outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and camping but never got into hunting until now. I grew up one of five kids in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We were the “city kids” of the family. Many of my uncles and cousins hunted, but we never had time for it. We were always so busy with basketball games, baseball practices, Girl Scout meetings, etc. Then when I was a teenager my family and I moved to Eastern Tennessee. That’s when I first started to really enjoy hiking and spending time outside. The mountains were so beautiful and different from the flatlands of Minnesota I was used to. But still, I hadn’t caught the hunting bug yet!

My job has taken me around the country, living in a few different places. I’m an engineer for a healthcare company and other than Minnesota and Tennessee; I’ve also lived in Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and now North Carolina. I have to admit, every place has had its own special uniqueness’s, but I’ve yet to find a place I love as much as Tennessee. However, my current home in Greenville, North Carolina is coming up on it fast! I think it has a lot to do with the fact that here is where I started my hunting life. Hunting is such a way of life here that there’s usually not one day that goes by that you don’t hear someone’s hunting adventure story. Hearing about people’s hunting heartaches and triumphs drew me in to find out more. Before I knew it, I was hunting almost every day, owned my own rifle as well as multiple items of camo clothing!

So I’ve only been a hunter for one season but I’ve had great teachers and have a lifetime’s worth of passion for it! I’ve mainly hunted deer and have gone duck hunting a few times. I am definitely looking forward to turkey hunting season in the spring. I hunt with a Remington 700 series 7mm-08 bolt action rifle with a Leupold 50mm scope. At the end of the season I bought my first bow, a Parker Sidekick, but have not bagged anything with it yet. But, that just gives me something to look forward to next season! And believe me; I have a lot of practicing to do until then!

Other than hunting and hiking I also enjoy writing (obviously!), reading, basketball, and playing the piano and the guitar. I absolutely adore my family and thoroughly enjoy spending time with my friends. I am a big jokester and love to kid around. Many people say my jokes are “corny” but I think they’re just jealous…and I know they laugh regardless!

I am looking forward to learning as much as I can about my new hunting obsession and to becoming more involved. Sharing our stories with each other will only heighten the experience! I know this wonderful community of lady hunters is a wealth of knowledge and I am excited to get to know everyone!


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