Kathy Eckstein's Bio

My name is Kathy Eckstein and I live in Minnesota. I was brought up mostly around pan fishing, sunnies and crappies. In school we had archery during phys-ed and I really liked to participate in that. Mom and Dad bought me a recurved bow and arrows. After a little practice I notice a tomcat bothering my female cat so I carefully aimed and release the arrow and thud! (Just to let you know this is a toy bow and arrow and nothing happened to the cat!)

After a few years Dad took me duck hunting and that was when I saw my first snow owl. That was awesome. He also took me pheasant hunting. Then came my teen years, school and work. Then vo-tech and more work. Then I got married, which the husband was not much into hunting, just fishing. Well I did get some fishing trophies: a 20 pound northern which I released, 6 pound small mouth bass and also (2) 5.5 pound large mouth bass which are big for Minnesota. That was a lot of fun.

Well Dad took up deer hunting and he invited the husband hunting too. In a couple of years I joined in, but it was about 5 years before I finally got a deer. It was the year of the Halloween snow storm, 1991 when I finally got a buck. It was a 100 yard shot with a slug gun.

It was 2000 when things went bad between me and the husband and it ended in a divorce. But it was for the better; while going through the divorce I met a wonderful guy that loves to hunt and fish. He reintroduced me to archery and took me on a couple hunting trips to high country. In 2007, with my bow I scored one bear, a deer, two rabbits and a chipmunk. Boy, did I have fun!

I do help with the gun safety course, showing the part on archery and I help guide for DAV turkey hunt at Camp Ripley, and like I say – why should guys have all the fun!

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