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Deer and Elk Hunting. I have deer hunted for over 30 years.  I currently hunt with a Winchester 270 short mag, with a scope.  In the past, I’ve used a Remington 7mm .08, a  .30 caliber carbine, ..243, 30-30, all with iron sights.  I have also deer hunted with a .45 long colt single-action pistol and a Martin bow.

In my deer hunting experiences, I have hunted from ladder stands, climbing tree stands, ground stands, stalking, and group drives.

I have hunted whitetail deer throughout the state of Missouri, and mule deer in the state of Colorado, with both rifles and bows, and have had successful harvests.

I have also hunted elk with bow and rifle, but have never gotten an elk.  (But I’m working on it.)

I have taken my children and grandchildren on many of these hunts.  I deeply believe that these traditions should be passed on down to their generations.  It is one of life’s greatest pleasures to be with one of your children or grandchildren when they get their first deer or turkey.

Turkey Hunting. I also have a great passion for turkey hunting.  I’ve turkey hunted for over 20 years, and have been successful many of those seasons.  I hunt with a Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag .12 ga.

The first year I decided I wanted to learn to hunt turkey, I bought a box call, a slate call, a Quaker Boy mouth call, and an instructional tape.  I practiced these calls until I felt confident in my ability to call up a turkey.  To tell a funny story on myself, the first time I called one in, I was so shocked that I actually did it, that I didn’t even shoot, I just looked at it.  Since that time, I’m ready and waiting.

I have also taken my children turkey hunting many years, and now they’re taking me.  It’s a great family sport.

Bird Hunting. Bird hunting is quickly becoming another favorite pasttime of mine.  I have dove hunted for several years and quail hunted, and have also hunted pheasant.  We hunt quail and pheasant with dogs.

Small game hunting. Rabbit and squirrel are among my favorite small game animals to hunt.  I have spent many, many hours in the woods squirrel hunting, looking for hickory trees where they’ve been working on the hickory nuts.  We have always had beagles for rabbit hunting, and I especially enjoy rabbit hunting when there is a snow on the ground.  I usually hunt squirrels and rabbits with a .20 ga. Shotgun, but have also hunted them with a .22 long rifle.

For the past several summers, we have gone to a ranch out in Wyoming to go prairie dog shooting.  We shoot anything from handguns, .17 caliber rifles and pistols, .220 Swift, 22-250,  to 6mm-285 and 6.5mm 285 water-cooled rifles.

I have also hunted coyotes in the past using a Johnny Stewart electronic caller, and shooting a 22-250.


In the past, I’ve spent many early mornings and late evenings with my youngest son setting and checking his traps.  We have trapped muskrats, beaver, and bobcats.


Bass fishing. Now, bass fishing takes me to a whole new realm.  My husband and I bass fish whenever possible.  It is an obsession with us.  We have a nine-acre lake on our property that has been stocked with bass, catfish, and hybrid bluegill, that we fish in from early spring to late fall.  We have also fished in Lake of the Ozarks, Truman Lake, Osage River, Missouri River, and many other rivers, lakes, streams, and ponds throughout the state of Missouri.

I would say bass fishing is my favorite.  I use the Bass Pro Extreme baitcasting reel, and also use a Johnny Morris baitcast reel.  I am also familiar with closed-face reels and underspin reels.  I have fished with artificial lures, plastic worms, minnows, cut bait, night crawlers, and anything else I think might work.

I have fished on Lake of the Ozarks and Truman Lake for white bass, crappie, drum, and catfish.  I am familiar with the operation of a boat, trolling motor, fish finders, and depth finders; although, my husband is usually the operator when we go.  (I’m too busy fishing.)


I am a firm believer in processing any game or fish (unless it’s a catch and release).  I have field dressed deer, turkey, rabbit, squirrel, doves, quail, pheasant, and fish, and feel that this also needs to be passed on down to future generations.  It is an essential part of the hunt.


My husband and I have attended many SHOT Show conventions, NRA National Convention, Quail Unlimited Convention, and NWTF National Convention, and in that context, have had the privilege of meeting many individuals in the shooting industry.


  • NWTF
  • Women in the Outdoors
  • NRA
  • Women on Target
  • Missouri Hunter Education Instructor
  • Women Hunters


It is my goal to pass down any knowledge in the shooting sports I have had the honor to experience.

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