Jo Rice Bio

Washington Regional Director


My name is Jo,  born and raised in the Northwest my Dad taught me how to be a outdoor girl.   I raised two Sons and they both have grown into fine young men. They also enjoy numerous outdoor sports, hunting, fishing and camping are a few.   It is rewarding to be able to share and experience Mother Nature with your own Children, Friends and Family.



jo2 and brain bear

Born and raised in the Northwest my Dad instilled the highest ethics of a  Huntress.  My memory of my first hunt is when I was five.  With BB gun in hand, red slicker and boots ready to go out for a special day with Dad.  The day was cloudy and drizzly,  Dad picked me up and sat me down on a huge stump.  I remember being cold and wanting Moms hot chocolate she sent in Dad's thermos.  I was very serious about that day but,  later in life my Dad told me I was a chatter box and wiggle worm the entire day.  He also said it was not even hunting season!   It was one of the best days of my life and I would not trade it for anything!

jo4 riflejeephunting

I have traveled and had the opportunity to  hunt in other states, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Alaska.  Traveling to Canada for a big bull Moose and Black Bear.  Learning to roll with the punches by sleeping in a rustic cabin without facilities for ten days. I have harvested Blacktail, Bench leg, and Mule Deer, Antelope, Elk, Pheasant, Grouse, Chuckar, Rattle Snakes!  Over the years I have developed a passion for this sport.

Joy1After the hunt

I made my career in the dental field.  Practicing Dental Business Administration for over twenty years.  I was able to remain with the same Doctor for my career.   Now retired, I feel this is the time to share my outdoor skills and help others appreciate and enjoy the great Northwest. 

joy5kristis buck

Being a Huntress I have affection and awe for all natures creations, perhaps more so than a non hunter.   For the Hunter must learn to read the most subtle signs of habitat and learn the animals behavior to be successful.