Boar Hunt

By Kathleen Kalina

BetterME with truck and boars - Copy


Wild boar run all over the southern US destroying crops and digging holes that cripple cattle. They are dangerous to pets, small stock animals and humans. Ranchers routinely hold hunts when there are too many boar. They advertise and people sign up to go on a certain day. They can pay to stay overnight in the bunkhouse and eat. A cattle butcher is there to cut up the meat of the boar shot.

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These are the unexplained things in our world, but I am here to give some explanations to some 'illusions' that are found in the taxidermy world.

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Where in the World?

Have you ever wondered where in the world people are from that visit WomenHunters? Well we did, so we checked and the results are a little surprising!


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A Peaceful Evening


cynthia-ovalThe crackling of the fire, the soft twilight... I couldn't help but feel that someone had cast a spell over the entire area.


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Poisonous Spiders

You Might Meet

By Kathleen Kalina

For people who love the outdoors, getting bit by a poisonous spider is a real possibility.

The three top bad spiders that are very venomous are the brown recluse, the black widow and the hobo spider. All are found all over the United States.

The most common spider is the brown recluse and can be found near your house. I got bit by one and got very sick. My nephew at the age of 4 was playing in his sandbox and got bit, his leg swelled up and turned color. He had to be rushed to the hospital.





srecluse11        srecluse21



Photos of the Brown Recluse- compliment of Ohio State University and Texas A&M





 swidow11     swidow21



 Photos of the Black Widow. Ohio State University and University of Missouri





 shobo11      shobo21



Photos of Hobo Spider- Washington State University

Symptoms of these spiders can cause itching or rash, pain radiating for the site, muscle pain and cramping. Reddish to purplish color or blister, increased swelling, difficulty breathing, headache, Nausea, Fever, Chills, anxiety and high blood pressure.

When I got bit by the brown recluse on my shoulder, it turned purple and swollen. I got on a plane several hours later and by the time I got to my destination (two hours) I had a fever and chills and felt really sick for several days. Everyone is different.

The Center for For Disease control recommends these first aid measures.

Stay calm, Identify the type of spider if possible. Wash the area with soap and water. Apply a washcloth with ice or cold water to bite area. Elevate area if possible. Do not attempt to remove venom. Immediately seek medical attention.


Black Widows: Are identified by the pattern of red on the abdomen. Most bites occur when humans disturb webs. Its bite is different than the others by two puncture wounds. Pain is felt at bite site. The neurotoxin quickly spreads to the chest, abdomen or the entire body.

Brown Recluse: Brown in color with a fiddle/violin shape on its head and has 6 equal sized eyes (whereas most spiders have 8 eyes).

Hobo Spiders: Large and brown with a distinct pattern of yellow markings on its abdomen. Unlike other spiders who have dark bands on their legs, the Hobo does not have these bands.

They build funnel types of webs. They do not climb like other spiders, they are fast runners. The bite may seem unpainful at first with a slow developing wound. They are more likely to attack if provoked.

Most of the areas where these spiders are found are near houses or structures, firewood, radiators, behind furniture and in closets.

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