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The Watcher from the Woods

watchhunt 3The alarm clock rang at 4am. I was quickly in the truck heading to one of my favorite spots for a day hunt.


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Extreme Huntress

2015 Extreme Huntress Contest

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Ashley Westphal




I am a wife, mother, and nurse practitioner.  For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for hunting.  And although I was passionate about the sport, It would take me several years and some persistence to finally become the hunter I always knew that I could be.


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Shooting From Windy Stand

Contributing Writer


You know it's breezy when a double ladder stand moves with the


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Bears of the Inland Delta

Bears of the Inland Delta

By Jana Waller

Contributing Writer


Saskatchewan is home to the largest inland delta in North America. The diversity of wetlands in combination with the network of streams, shallow lakes and forested levees make Saskatchewan one of Canada’s richest regions for diverse waterfowl and wildlife. After talking with Big Game Delta Outfitters, I was not only thrilled to get the opportunity to bow hunt their abundance of huge black bears but I would get the chance to learn more about the native people of that area, the Swampy Cree Nation.

bearJanas Saskatchewan bruin


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Wyo womens Antelope Hunt

Staff Writer-Wyoming



In spite of the winter storm that hit the area the night before, and continuing into the first day of the hunt, the first annual Wyoming Women's One Shot Antelope Hunt was a success.


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