Tularemia is a serious illness, but if you arm yourself with knowledge, you can avoid becoming a victim. judyderricksonfacephoto

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Stalking Pronghorn with a Camera

Pronghorn, due to the fact that they live in herds, have excellent eyesight and a live in wide-open country, with few trees to hide in or behind, are difficult to stalk. CV-ArticleThumbnail

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What time is it? It is bear hunting time!

staff writer-Minnesota 


There he was; a big black bear, he reared up on his back legs and looked around trying to see if there were any other animals at the bait pile…

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Sad End For a Great Buck



 I must admit I have never been much of a shed hunter.  You can't eat the antlers, after all, right? Now that we have all of this beautiful land, though, we could think of no better excuse to get to know it better and learn more about the deer herd to improve our hunting next season.

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Trust your gut

Staff Writer-Minnesota

Trust Your Gut.  It means to act on the strongest feeling you have.  With hunting, the precursor to trusting your gut, is to know and fine tune your abilities, know your prey and be confident through practice before you ever go afield.  Only a fool would trust their gut without being fully prepared.

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