General Hunting

In the Zone

LD-head-Dec2017He stopped briefly in some brush, with his head behind a large tree where he could not spot my movement. I went to full draw and held. It is at these moments that I go “In The Zone”, looking through the peep site with my pin on the target, so intensely focused that I often don’t remember the moment.

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Thread the Needle

LD-head-Dec2017... I slowly turned, drew my bow and held, focusing on that needle shot, then let the arrow fly.

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The Poacher's Buck


...the approaching footsteps. I eased behind a short sweetgum brush and waited for the poacher. But the footsteps approaching were not human...

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Blind Squirrel


After an hour of hearing no gobbles, I felt ready to give up. This just wasn’t my year. I offered up a prayer to God to have success after all the mishaps I had. Suddenly...

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Never, Never, Never Give Up (a WomenHunters classic)

Never, never, never give up, is a motto I live by in many aspects of life, and with hunting. 

- LindaHuntPhoto2

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