Hunting Dogs


and their

Hunting Dogs

Enjoy photos on this page, and then read WomenHunters' articles about their hunting dogs!

Laura Bell and her hunting dog Tanner (L); Kathleen Kalina with Daisy (Springer, R).

Alyssa Haukom and her English Setter Jesse
Carol Carver's hunting dog Katie (L); Claudia Eisenmann shows off her Wolfhound (R).
Sue Melus and her dogs
Jana Waller and her dog Sherpa (L) and Sue Melus with her dogs (R).
Martha Metzler's hunting dog Roy (L) and BethAnn Amico with her dog (R).
Christine Cunningham and Winchester (English Setter).
Melanie Rogers and her redbone coonhound
rachel with dog
Rachel Baker and her pointer 
Ladies please submit photos of your hunting dogs.