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Interested In a Bear Hunt?

Black Bear Hunt

Are you and a few of your friends interested in a spring or fall Canadian black bear hunt?


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Bow Hunters Rendezvous 2016

The world’s foremost gathering of bowhunters will take place June 9th
through June 12th, 2016, at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells,
Wisconsin. The Pope and Young Club “Bowhunters Rendezvous” promises to be a family-oriented, bowhunters mega shooting event and social gathering.

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WomenHunter Christine Cunningham Wins Prois Award

Our very own Christine Cunningham has won the 2014 Prois Award. mtl-christine-cunningham

What's that all about? Click on the link below to view the video and find out!


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Jungle Jack Hanna Tells It Like It Is!

 Here, standing before me, was one of the world's most popular animal experts stating "Hunters are our greatest conservationists.  They give back to the animals and environment more than any other group of individuals."

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Women Hunting Alaska – One in Five Hunters is Female

Christine Cunningham

Staff Writer


According to hunting license information available from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the number of females who purchased resident hunting licenses in Alaska in 2011 made up approximately 19% of the total licenses purchased. In 2012, females purchasing resident hunting licenses accounted for 20% of the total purchased in the State. This number represents a higher percentage of female hunters than the national average of 9%, reported in a comprehensive review of hunting license by the National Shooting Sports Foundation in 2009.

It isn’t just license numbers that are on the rise. The State of Alaska Hunters Education program tracks information about its participants, and according to Ginamaria Smith, the Southcentral Coordinator for the Program, statewide statistics for females who complete the Hunters Education course have increased since 2003, when 1366 participants completed the program and 13.5% of the participants were female. In 2012, 2382 participants took a Hunter Education class and 35.3% were female.

Elaina Spraker, an Instructor for the Kenai Peninsula Women On Target program, led four clinics last year, most with wait lists. This year, she has increased the number of clinics, but continues to have a wait list of close to 100 women.

fivequestions1Spraker believes that many women have wanted to learn firearm safety and skills for a longtime but have not had a comfortable setting do so. “I hear the same story over and over,” Spraker says, “‘My husband bought me a pistol, and it’s been in the night stand for a number of years, he’s tried to teach me to use it but he becomes too impatient or I don’t want him to teach me. The Women on Target coaching staff includes a group of highly skilled instructors that provide a comfortable, enjoyable atmosphere.”

As an Alaskan, Spraker noted that, “Guns are a significant part of the Alaskan culture; they are a very important tool not only for protection from two and four legged animals, but equally important as a means to harvest food.” The Snowshoe Gun Club, which sponsors the clinics, has seen a rise in female members in recent years. And, in addition to the Women on Target clinics, the Club sponsors a Delta Waterfowl Education Day for Youth and Women as well as programs through Hunters Education and Becoming an Outdoors-Woman.

Since the 2006 US National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife, the growing number of women hunters has brought a ray of hope to the decline in hunter numbers in general. With the 2012 results out, the hunting and conservation community has taken notice of what women are bringing to the tradition–new perspectives in the field, new products to the industry, and an image of hunting that carries with it a forward momentum.

In an addendum to the 2006 survey, Jerry Leonard, an economist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, cited an intriguing statistic that reveals just one way in which women can save the future of hunting: children are far more likely to hunt if one or both of their parents hunt. In households where the male parent hunted one to three days, sons were nine times more likely to hunt than in households where the male parent didn’t hunt. In households where the female parent hunted, the number skyroc

skullbound second season


of Skull Bound TV

with Jana Waller                           

Mule Deer Foundation partners with Skull Bound TV

Skull Bound TV is proud to announce an even bigger bolder Season 2 starting January 2nd 2013 Prime time Wednesday “Big Game Night” beginning at 8:30PM and 11:30PM EST along with a 9:30AM EST Friday morning slot.

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